The killing effects of these drugs

Children and adults and the Psychotropic Drugs, which led to a violent end to themselves and others. It is certainly not typical of a teenager to become so violent. This is a short list of some of the most violent crimes worldwide. Longer lists can be found at SSRIStories, and SSRI-UKsupport.

Murder and Crimes and the drugs they were taking

2007-Cho Seung Hui, the Virginia Tech shooter who killed 32 fellow students in a shooting rampage. Chicago Tribune and New York Times reported Cho was using Psychotropic drugs.

Eric Harris, 18 yrs, Columbine, Colorado Columbine High School Massacre killing 13 and injured 25. He was taking the anti-depressant Luvox(Mfg. by Solvay).

J1989-Joseph Wesbecker, Kentucky- killed 8 people and injured 12 before killing himself . He was taking   fluoxetine (Prozac) made by Eli Lilly. This led to legal action against the manufacturer Eli Lilly who eventually settled.

May 1998-Kip Kinkel, 15yrs Springfield, Oregon, He killed both his parents and two schoolmates, and wounded 20 other students. He had been prescribed the anti-depressant Prozac, one of the most widely prescribed drugs.

May 1999-T.J. Solomon 15yrs, Conyers, Georgia-shot six classmates one month after Columbine. He was taking Ritalin (Mfg. by Novartis).

April 1999-Shawn Cooper Notus, Idaho fired on students and staff at high school. He was taking a mix of antidepressants.

Chris Fetters, DesMoines Iowa killed her aunt. She was using Prozac

Jeff Wiese, Ed Lake Minn. using Prozac , but died from Ritalin. He killed 9 and then himself.

Christopher Pittman-He ran away from home to live with his grandparents. He later killed them with a hammer and then burned down their house. His psychiatrist prescribed a double dose of Zoloft and then Paxil.

Buford O'Neal Furrow Jr. shot 70 rounds at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles. He wounded 5. He had a history psychiatric illness.

July 1999-Mark Barton 44 Atlanta, Georgia Killed his wife and two children with a hammer and shot and killed 6 more while wounding 13 people at a brokerage firm. He wrote before the killings "I don't plan to live very much longer, just long enough to kill ... the people that greedily sought my destruction," He was taking Prozac.

April 2002-Andrea Yates drowned her 5 children in the bathtub, while under the care of a psychiatrist and taking Effexor. She began on Zoloft then Zyprexa and then..

Michael Lubrect Ohio drowned his one year old son while taking Effexor.

Mrs. Phil Hartman killed her husband while reportedly on Zoloft, and now a lawsuit ensues.

Henri Paul, Paris France, Limousine driver for
Dodi Fayed's and Princess Diana's
had Prozac and alcohol in his blood.

Monica Lewinsky, Washington intern on Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor and Phen-Fen brought down the White in a sex scandal and impeachment that cost America millions.

Jeremy Strohmeyer, on Dexedrine, raped and murdered a 7-year-old girl in a ladies restroom in a Las Vegas casino

On March 24, 1998 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, 11-year-old Andrew Golden and 14-year-old Mitchell Johnson shot and killed one teacher, four students, and wounded 10 others people. According to published reports, the boys were taking Ritalin.

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